make your startup data-driven
Discover growth points that will make your startup grow by [colossal] 2% per week
Get answers to questions that matters most
Where is the best market for my product/service?
Who is my “the most likely to buy” client?
What's the CAC in certain regions/channels?
Which regional players I should partner with to accelerate growth?
Should I invest in influencers or partners at this stage?
Stun investors with deep market intelligence
Use information insights as leverage during pitch sessions and negotiations with investors. Gain full acknowledgement of the market/clients/partners BigData.
get the best “market” pitch deck slide
You can empower your pitch deck with easy to understand data graphs.
Influencer Discovery & more
Different people inspire different audiences. Discover which influencers resonate with your products and services and understand what value they can bring. Master your influencer marketing strategy with Panoptic Insights.
Working with a large set of APIs [data sources] we find and derive meaningful indicators for business growth.
We know how a certain regeon’s audience will convert into your customers.

A McKinsey analysis revealed,

“companies that take a more data-centered

approach improve their marketing return on investment by 15–20 percent”

With Big Data analytics it’s way more easier to play the game. You get a holistic view over the sector you are having business with. You spot the best markets and customers that are LOOKING for your products.
Helicopter view over the market
Audience-centric communication insights
Partners heatmap
Growth points
The list of regional Influencers
delivered in 24h
Our automated data tool will deliver a report with real-time data within 24h to your inbox. No more 100+ opened chrome tabs and weeks of research