Use the power of big data
We work with great business data in the Eurozone countries and help investors and business owners select regions with maximum profitability of the investment.

Data is the most important competitive advantage: by making decisions based on analytics, you will receive an additional growth driver.
Discover the growth points that will help your business scale

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What value do we bring to a business?
Based on the fact that business needs depend on the development stage, we have developed comprehensive solutions
  • Startups and small businesses
    Analytical report on the state of the home market with an emphasis on data on target audiences, mechanics and communication channels with them. The study includes detailed information about a sales funnel and the forecast of the marketing budget.
  • Big business and corporations
    The macro analysis of the region in which key economic indicators are compared and a thermal card with a forecast of ROI marketing investments is created. The report includes a proposal for strategy in selected countries created on the basis of big data.
  • Investors
    Studies of new opportunities in key markets in the selected segment for your portfolio companies. The maximum effectiveness of investment at any stage in the development of the project and the ability to reanimate a startup that has failed
Choosing Panoptic Insights, you will receive answers to the most important business questions:
  • In which market will my product/service bring more income?
  • What is the portrait of my potential client?
  • What marketing channels will be the most effective for attracting customers?

  • What regional players should I cooperate with to speed up growth?

  • What investment strategy will be optimal for my business?

We track more than twenty key business indicators in 20 million enterprises in thirty European countries.

We not only monitor such classical indicators as the turnover of companies, wages, investment in marketing, etc., but we also analyze the dependencies between different layers of data. Thanks to this approach, we find growth points, based on which you can achieve greater result with minimal investments.
Sources of data
We work only with trusted data suppliers
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