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School of founders
Hands-on course on hypothesis testing and product launch
Panoptic Insights analyzes European markets for business. Our reports help business owners make decisions about entering new markets. Based on big data, we collect objective information about the state of the economies of the eurozone countries in your chosen segment and describe growth points with the maximum ROI of marketing investments.

In early 2023, we are launching an entrepreneurial school where you can gain practical skills in analyzing markets, testing hypotheses, studying the competitive environment, and communicating with venture capitalists.


The result of six weeks of training will be an understanding of your target audience, a ready-made value proposition for it, and a Product Market Fit found for your product/service.

In addition, during the course, you will understand how venture capitalism works and what you need to do in order to attract investment in your project.

Who needs it?

The knowledge you gain in six weeks will save you a year of time.

This knowledge will be useful:
Working on a technology product or service?
  • Launched a business, but the growth rate is not satisfactory?
Business angels
Have you invested in a startup/business (or are planning to do so) and want your investments to work more efficiently?

Training program

The School of Entrepreneurs program is aimed at acquiring knowledge for startup founders about finding ideas, testing product demand and the main mechanisms for launching products in the venture capitalist paradigm. A six-week course with practical exercises will allow you to understand what they want from a VC project and how to increase the investment attractiveness of a startup.

In practical sessions with detailed analysis, you will gain knowledge on how to quickly analyze markets, find an audience, and test marketing hypotheses. You will understand how to refine the product/service to meet the requirements of the market (that is, find a product-market fit).

The training lasts six weeks and consists of theoretical lessons (at least 3 hours per week) and practical lessons (at least 5 hours per week). Also, if necessary, individual work with a specialist is possible (no more than 4 hours per week).

As part of a series of practical exercises, we will define the market, the target audience and communication channels with it, test several marketing hypotheses and find the relevant market.

Program schedule

Week one. Let's get acquainted with the world of venture investments.

Theory. Structure and history of the venture market. Historical prerequisites for the emergence of individual mechanisms. Types of VCs and differences in how venture capitalists invest. Investment strategy. Fundraising mechanics (investment attraction).

Practice. Working with a database of investors. Selection of relevant investors for fundraising. Creation of an investment strategy. Interaction with potential investors.

Week two. We work with data.

Theory. We define data sources and their hierarchy. We select and configure tools for working with data.

Practice. We receive data sets necessary for the analysis of a specific project and carry out the primary analysis necessary for decision-making. After - a detailed analysis of the markets and the search for insights. We identify three markets with the maximum ROI.

We continue to communicate with investors in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.

Week three. We are looking for an audience and channels of communication with it.

Theory. Tools for analyzing target audiences, determining its properties, characteristics and preferred communication channels. Search for insights in data analysis.

Practice. We find a portrait of the target audience and priority channels of interaction with them. We classify interaction options and work with the insights obtained as a result of the analysis.

We continue to communicate with investors in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.
Book a convenient time to get answers to questions about the program and teachers:
Week four. Testing marketing hypotheses.

Theory. We study the mechanisms of testing marketing hypotheses.

Practice. We put forward marketing hypotheses and start testing them.

We continue to communicate with investors in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.

Week five. We study the competitive environment.

Theory. We study tools for analyzing the competitive environment and marketing activities of competitors. We analyze the dependencies between marketing activities and the company's income, depending on the conditions set.

Practice. Obtaining data on the competitive environment in the target market. We determine the features of competitors and the key factors for the success of their business.

We continue to communicate with investors in accordance with the chosen investment strategy.

Week six. Analysis of results.

Theory. Tools for marketing data visualization and end-to-end analytics.

Practice. We assemble an analytical dashboard for further analysis and parse it. We sum up the results of testing hypotheses and determine the success of the search for the target market.
Do you have any questions?
Write to us if you want to know about the details of our course and the field you will receive!
Course fee
You can pay for the entire course or a specific lesson you need.
The full cost of the course without discounts and preferential terms
The course fee is due in January 2023.
The cost of a separate lesson (theory + practice + work on mistakes within one week)
In each bunch, we have several places with a scholarship for talented founders. Write to us by mail to clarify the details
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