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A psychological portrait of the consumer
A detailed description of the data used by Analysts of Panoptics Insights
Panoptic Insights is engaged in the analysis of European business markets. With the help of our reports, business owners make decisions to enter new markets. Based on big data, we collect objective information about the state of the economies of the eurozone countries in the segment you have chosen and describe the growth points with the maximum ROI marketing investment.

A psychological portrait of the consumer

Modern marketing is entirely built on an understanding of the psychology of personality. Knowing the motives of people when making a purchase makes marketing activity effective and directly affects your company's income.

By analyzing the markets, we will definitely investigate and include in the report data on personality traits based on IBM Watson technology.

Sources of these data are texts that you have chosen by the target audience you have chosen in posts and comments on social networks, blogs and forums. Algorithms analyze the emotional colour of the generated content and determine their personal properties, needs and motives.
In this way, we get a very detailed psychological portrait of the selected segment (29 criteria) and its comparative analysis with the average portrait in this region
the psychological portrait of the US Angels (Full Audience) and the average Internet user in America (US - General) are compared.
Choose a convenient time to communicate to discuss options for applying data on the psychological portrait of a user for your business.

How can you use data on the portrait of a psychological profile?

Several options for applying data on the psychological portrait of the user.

Additional segmentation for marketing activities. In addition to standard marketing criteria (age, gender, demography, etc.) you will have the opportunity to create segments on the basis of the psychological needs and motives of current and potential consumers.

Strengthening product analytics. An analysis of the characteristics will give an understanding of satisfaction with the product from the audience and their expectations of your product.

Development of new scenarios of product interaction. The obvious reasons for the purchase of your product or service can be turned into a new competitive advantage for your company.

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