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Panoptic Insights is engaged in the analysis of European business markets. With the help of our reports, business owners make decisions to enter new markets. Based on big data, we collect objective information about the state of the economies of the eurozone countries in the segment you have chosen and describe the growth points with the maximum ROI marketing investment.

Market size

The set of market data includes such classic indicators as the size of the market (the total turnover of all companies in the segment in the selected market), the number of companies and people occupied in them, personnel costs, enterprise growth rates, business profitability, competition coefficient (indicator developed by our analysts), and others.

In total, the demography of the business in Panoptic Insights reports is presented by 13 key indicators, two of which are unique.

In addition to static indicators, we include in the analysis the dynamics of the market state over the past 10 years and build dependencies between the layers of data to identify the causes of growth or falling income of the company.


The quantity and structure of investments (internal investments in the modernization of production, investing in marketing, employees' training, external venture, private and dividend investments) complement the analysis of data on a change in the interest of institutional investors in the field of markets, segments and technologies.

We work with the largest suppliers of data on investment transactions: PitchBook, Crunchbase, CBinsights, Dealroom, etc.

Consumption analysis

When preparing reports for our clients and partners, we pay attention to consumption indicators: the cost and composition of the consumer basket, household expenses, and spending on social goods, sports, health, etc.

These indicators significantly complement the report with important information about the average spending of individuals and households in a particular region, which is important for many segments (manufacturing, retail, education, etc.)

Communication channels

Information about the channels of interaction with potential customers is one of the key tasks of the marketing department of the company. To collect these data, companies spend significant budgets on research from third-party performers or generating data within their own departments.

In the report that you receive from Panoptic Insights, you will find a detailed description of the most effective communication channels with your potential customers (social networks, communities, forums), information about the most popular sites of your audience, as well as a list of media and leaders of opinions and partners for joint integrations and cross-marketing.

Psychological portrait of the consumer

Using IBM Watson technologies, we make a detailed and in-depth analysis of the personal characteristics of the target audience, their needs and values.

The report includes data on the openness of the selected group to the outside world and new experiences, inclinations to work with other people, motives for their actions and phenomena that irritate them.

Understanding the underlying motives behind the purchase will maximize the ROI of your marketing investment without further increasing your marketing budget.

See options for using data on the Psychological Characteristics of Consumers here.
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